Remembering the Past While Educating the Future

The Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation is committed to Mamie’s vision of
enriching the lives of others... regardless of race, creed, or color.

Enrichment & Educational Programming

We advocate for educational equity
and support teaching children Black history

Health Awareness

Improving the human condition
and care for the most vulnerable

Creative Arts

Shifting our attitudes, eduring difficult times
and inspiring others through original thoughts and ideas

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About Our Foundation


Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation was founded in 2009 to maintain an unyielding commitment to honor Mamie Till Mobley’s legacy and preserve the memory of both Mamie and Emmet Till’s legacy by Remembering the Past While Educating the Future through implementation of enrichment programs for the youth to enhance their level of cultural awareness.

Our Focus

With a focus in the areas of Black history, creative arts, health and education promoting savants of consciousness.

UpComing Events

Because of my experiences as an ETP and training with Mother Mobley, I feel I can stand up in front of any crowd and say anything…to anybody. 

Natalia Moore , Emmett Till Player

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